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Shimano HD Orca Flashboost

Color: Blue Pink

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Introducing the latest addition to the acclaimed series of Orca offshore lures: the HD-ORCA FLASH BOOST. Designed to elevate your fishing experience, the 200mm-sized HD-ORCA FB incorporates Shimano's innovative FLASH BOOST technology. By suspending foil on agile springs within the lure's body, this advancement ensures a continuous, enticing flash – even during pauses – effectively replicating the motions of injured baitfish.

Experience unparalleled performance as the HD-ORCA FB exhibits a distinctive diving and swimming action when retrieved with smooth, deliberate rod sweeps, seamlessly resurfacing after each maneuver. Plus, benefit from Shimano’s cutting-edge JET BOOST technology, enhancing casting distances for optimal reach.

200mm, 7 7/8in - 148g 5 1/4oz