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ODM Jigster SPJ Conventional Rod

Model: BXJX-68SP0

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Discover the Depths with Jigster SPJ - Dive into the enigmatic world of the ocean's depths, teeming with diversity and mystery. Adaptation is key for the species within, flowing with the tides and seasons. As anglers, we're compelled by the challenge, constantly evolving our techniques to conquer these depths. The allure of a vibrant Jigster, dancing through the water, is irresistible to countless species worldwide. Slow-pitch Jigging has revolutionized global fishing...

Embark on the Ultimate Fishing Journey - From the Gulf of Mexico, Florida, and the Caribbean Sea, where precision jigs tempt trophy Snapper, Grouper, Yellowfin Tuna, and sailfish... To the North Pacific, where Rockfish, goggle eyes, and Sculpin, along with spirited Pelagics like Yellowtail and school Bluefin, succumb to a well-presented jig. Journeying to the Indian Ocean, South Pacific, and Asian Seas, where Jacks, Trevally, and Jobfish lurk amidst reefs and walls... And to the formidable North and Mid Atlantic, where everything from Trophy fluke, Cobia, and Black Sea Bass to Pelagic speedsters like King Mackerel, Tunas, and Bonito await...

Introducing Jigster SPJ - Crafted with our passion for the Ultimate fishing experience. Our proprietary Boron Nano Carbon technology, coupled with cutting-edge components, defines the Jigster SPJ as the pinnacle addition to every angler's arsenal. With a versatile range of Jig and Power ratings, our Boron Nano carbon layers ensure a Parabolic Power curve, delivering unparalleled responsiveness and action all day long. The Full Carbon reel seat, complemented by a range of sturdy winches, is primed for battling big fish from the depths. Featuring a Spiral/Acid wrap guide concept layout, alongside corrosion-resistant Titanium Guides, for optimal balance of power and fatigue-free fighting. Elevate your game with the Jigster SPJ - the epitome of the Ultimate Slow Pitch Jigging Experience.

Key Features:

  • Purpose-engineered Multi-tapered Boron/Carbon Nano composite blank
  • Lightweight, thin, sensitive, yet robust - ready for big game
  • AT Titanium guides - Ensuring corrosion resistance
  • Spiral wrap guides with anti-twist design blank, minimizing rod torque
  • Carbon trigger reel seat - Combining lightness, sensitivity, and strength
  • Backed by a 1-Year Limited Warranty


6’8” – 1pc

90 gram


PE: 0.5-1.5




6’8” – 1pc

250 gram


PE: 1-3




6’8” – 1pc

350 gram

Med. Heavy

PE: 2-4




6’8” – 1pc

500 gram


PE: 3-6