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Heron Feathers

Size: Medium

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Heron feathers have a suppleness that simply isn't present in heron substitutes. This is why heron is such a sought-after material. The fly comes to life, thanks to the side fibres of the feathers retaining volume and moving and vibrating in the current. When you wind heron feathers around a hook shank, the stems flattens down, reducing bulk.

Our heron feathers are hand selected in order to provide only the best quality possible.
Available in 2 colors, Natural Grey and Black, and in 4 sizes: Small, Medium, Large and X-Large.

X-LARGE = 15 - 20 CM
LARGE = 12 - 15 CM
MEDIUM = 10 - 12 CM
SMALL = 8 - 10 CM

Small: 12 Feathers per pack
Medium/Large: 8 Feathers per pack
X-Large: 6 Feathers per pack