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Freestyler V2

1 review
Size: 1oz - 4in
Color: Firetiger

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Introducing FREESTYLER V2 The Iconic Stickbait is Back!

Experience the resurgence of the Freestyler – a game-changing lure! Whether you prefer twitching, tapping, jerking, or a straight retrieve, the Freestyler empowers you to fish with your unique style. This highly effective lure boasts a captivatingly lively and erratic action. Thanks to its low center of gravity, near-suspension characteristics, and perfect balance, the Freestyler stands out as a special choice for anglers.

Equipped with an integrated vivid movement system, this lure continues to flash its belly even during a spin stop, enticing aggressive strikes from fish. Offering remarkable long-casting capabilities and a durable body with a reinforced wire, the Freestyler is not only ideal for targeting pike but also perfect for tackling fierce predator fish!"