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Fly Hub OG - Saltwater Edge Logo

Size: Nor-Vise

A must-have "production type" tying accessory! My FlyHub OG holds hooks and small/medium flies freeing your desktop space.  It mounts on the vise shaft (or the separate stand) rotating from the front to the back to access hooks and flies and not be in the way of tying.         


  • 3” in diameter sturdy plywood
  • 13 rare-earth magnets 🧲 that lock onto hooks and small/medium flies
  • The mounting hole is on the side so it has an elliptical orbit around the shaft - always easy access but not in the way
  • Fits almost all US fly tying vise manufacturers products

  > Comes with 2 O-rings - you should place them above and below your new FlyHub OG

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