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Fly Hub OG Standalone Base

Introducing the FlyHub OG StandAlone Base and Shaft. The ultimate companion for your FlyHub OG and fly tying desktop. This meticulously engineered product is designed to enhance your fly tying experience, offering unrivaled stability and freedom of movement.

Crafted with the finest quality Maple plywood.  Its robust construction ensures durability and longevity, allowing you to enjoy your fly tying more. Equipped with an allen wrench and a sturdy metal rod, this FlyHub OG StandAlone Base allows for effortless adjustments and secure fastening of your FlyHub OG. 

The FlyHub OG StandAlone Base and Shaft is a must-have tool for your flytying desk


4" diameter Maple plywood 1/2" thick with coupling flange

6" aluminum tube 

Allen wrench for tightening the set screws