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Flats Craft Standing Moon Crab Legs

Size: Small
Color: White

New design allows for more articulation in the right parts so it lands right, folds up easily on the eat, has more visible legs, more defined claws and now an option for standing claws !! Proving to be much more effective than previous designs. 

These Moon Crab components have been designed and developed and now made in Australia by fisherman to realistically match the locally found Moon Crab

It’s widely known that the Spotted Moon Crab is a staple diet of both species of Permit we have in Australia, both Anak and Blocchi. The Blochii and Moon crab are the same species found in the Indian ocean such as the Seychelles, Oman, Maldives etc. 

These components offer the tier an ultra realistic fly that is as simple or complicated as you want to make it. The material used to make these components is soft and will sink. The material also takes ink and paint well. Designed to be tied in sideways and to be stripped slowly

Packs DO NOT contain the carapaces. The carapaces are sold separately 

Pack sizes -

Small - 5 per pack ( Suites Hook size 4 Ahrex SA220, Size 42SA254 or Size 42SA280)

Medium - 5 per pack ( Suites Hook size 2 Ahrex SA220, Size 1 SA254 or Size 1 SA280)

Large - 5 per pack ( Suites Hook size 1 Ahrex SA220, Size 1/0 SA254 or Size 1/0 SA280)