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Flats Craft Ketta Crab Legs

Size: Small
Color: Olive

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The Ketta Crab a collaboration between Beast Brushes and Al Simson of Kettafly. The great thing about this design, is that Al is an experienced fisherman who doesn't test his flies in test tank, he puts them in front of fish. Al is a Fisherman, Artist, Apparel company, commercial fly tyer and guide... that's a great pedigree in a fly designer.

The Ketta Crab is a fantastic imitation of a Sargassum Crab, or is just as at home as a ghost crab, Fiddler Crab or Mangrove Crab . The Ketta Crab is designed to sit both forward and sideways on the hook without the legs getting the way of the leader. Al has been testing this pattern for a few weeks before anyone has seen them outside of the collab. Now, they are ready for you. 

Its advised that stripping this crab is not done a fast speeds, a slow draw is fine, a static presentation is better.  this fly is really well suited as a floating crab, or slow sinking/ suspending pattern. 

Pack Information

Extra Small - 5 per pack ( Suites Hook size 6 Ahrex SA220, Size 4 SA254 or Size 4 SA280)

Small - 5 per pack ( Suites Hook size 4 Ahrex SA220, Size 42SA254 or Size 42SA280)

Medium - 5 per pack ( Suites Hook size 2 Ahrex SA220, Size 1 SA254 or Size 1 SA280)

Large - 5 per pack ( Suites Hook size 1 Ahrex SA220, Size 1/0 SA254 or Size 1/0 SA280)