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Chocklett's Loco Foam

Color: Chartreuse

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Loco Foam was developed by legendary "Terrestrial Man" Harrison Steeves many years ago. It is now becoming popular again through the efforts of Blane Chocklett and others. It has been featured in Blane's book "Game Changer" and is the main ingredient in several other new and exciting terrestrial patterns.

It really has endless uses as a tying material. Terrestrials, mayflies, caddis flies, stoneflies, bass bugs and more. Blane features it as a "dam" on his famous T-Bone fly. It is a great head material as well as body material. Used as the main body material in a famous fly called the Crease Fly also.

Loco Foam features a prismatic and metallic coating on top of  2mm closed cell foam.  The foam color kits up with the topping color. This gives the foam a unique look that mimics real creatures or even provides and impressionistic, attractive hot spot. A wildly versatile material and our single favorite material for beetle backs.

Chocklett's Loco foam comes one 4" X 6" piece per package.