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Tsunami Forged Inshore Spinning Rod

Model: TSFRGIS721M

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Technologically advanced materials and designs combine to create a new family of
FORGED Inshore rods from TSUNAMI. Each rods action is Performance
Tuned for more distance on every cast and plenty of power when fighting big fish from
boat of beach. Constructed of a proprietary thirty-ton tensile strength HALO Carbon
fiber and 100% tip-to-butt nano carbon scrim layups, these rods boast thinner blank
diameters for improved hook setting and plenty of lifting power. Blank actions load
easily and transmit more energy to every longer, almost effortless cast.

All two-piece models feature a tip-into-butt ferrule design in a 70 / 30 split to decrease
bulk, increase joint stability and provide a one-piece feel. Each precisely selected and
placed Fuji® Stainless Steel K framed guide boasts a Slim SiC ring for less weight and
optimal line flow with braided lines. Lighter guides toward the rod tip improves balance,
recovery and dampening on each cast and increases sensitivity. Ergonomic grips on
surf models are overlaid with textured rubber shrink material for increased comfort and
better wet or dry grip and Fuji® TVS 17 reel seats to fit most any reel you can choose.
Inshore models boast Grad A cork grips for light weight and increased comfort along
with the almost universal Fuji® TVS 17 reel seats.

All surf models mount a Fuji® rubber butt cap that stays put even on wet waders.
Inshore rods employ Fuji® rubber gimbals to protect tackle from pounding damage
when on the run. All guide wraps are coated with tough epoxy and the rod is then
coated with a non-glare protective topcoat. TSUNAMI FORGED Surf or Inshore rods
will deliver the performance you need to cast all day and fight big fish anywhere on the