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Salt X II Inshore Rod

Model: 7'2'' 1PC M 1/8-3/4OZ

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The new technology used in Tsunami SALTX rods is extended into the exciting series of
precision designed Inshore rods intended for big fish angling all along our coasts.
These Performance Dirven rod use the same thirty-ton tensile, HALO Carbon fiber
material along with 100% nano-carbon scrim in tip-to-butt layup. This results in reduced
blank diameter and weight while optimizing wall thickness to provide superior hook
setting and lifting power. Advanced materials and precise design result in Performance
Tuned actions that load easily and deliver more energy to each longer, almost effortless

The increased efficiency of each blank design makes using these superior rods easier
on the angler whether casting for hours or fighting bigger fish. Casting distance is also
enhanced through the selection of precisely sized and located Fuji® Titanium, K framed,
Slim SiC ring, one foot and two foot lightweight guides for optimal flow with braided
lines. The lighter guides, especially toward the rod tip,h reduces weight to improve
balance and recovery as well as improved casting dampening and increases sensitivity.

Ergonomic VSS Fuji® grips boast integrated cork in the foregrips for enhanced comfort
and hold. All guide wraps are coated with tough epoxy and the rod is then coated with a
non-glare protective topcoat. Fuji® rubber gimbals on Heavy action models add peace
of mind when running at speed to protect tackle from pounding damage. There is a
SALTX Inshore model to meet your performance needs anywhere along the coast.

Model # Length Action Lure Wt Line Wt
TSSTXIS701H 7'0" 1-pc 3/4 - 3oz To 40lb
TSSTXIS721M 7'2" 1-pc 1/8 - 3/4oz To 20lb
TSSTXIS721MH 7'2" 1-pc 1/4 - 1oz To 30lb
TSSTXIS771M 7'7" 1-pc 1/8 - 3/4oz To 20lb