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Project Magic Hour - 10.3.23

Project Magic Hour

October 3rd

Jane Pickens Theater

Newport, Rhode Island

It's that feeling of excitement when everything comes together, the moon, the wind and the tide. It is our magic hour, everything in life seems to fade away and all that is important is the crashing waves and the monster fish that we have been chasing are at our feet. " Project Magic Hour" is a movie dedicated to the surfcaster, it documents a season of chasing fish all over the world, but our way.

I am hoping you can join us for a fun night highlighting our passion of surfcasting. Included in the movie admission is a raffle with a chance to win a Chris Voories custom Atom-40, a Frank Gonclaves Danny, a $100 Saltwater Edge Gift Card and a Surfacasting Gear package from PHASE GEAR.

We will also be giving out complimentary gifts bags from NO LIVE BAIT needed and BKK HOOKS while supplies last.

I am looking forward to seeing everyone on October 3rd for a night just for us, the Surfcaster.

Purchase tickets here.

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