At the Saltwater Edge we talk surfcasting constantly. We know what it’s like to fish when the fish are there! Late night tides, crawling into a cold and wet wetsuit at 2:00am to catch the perfect tide because “you know” that the big fish are going to be there. Juggling your job, family and other commitments when the wind, moon and tide are right can be the difference between a great season and a good one – and we get it. That’s why we make sure that we’ve got everything you need to make your next session a success, being able to get all your gear, plugs and terminal tackle in one place makes it easy and lets you concentrate on where you need to be to get your next fish not where you need to shop. We fish the gear we sell. So you can be confident everything we carry is proven. If we missed something please let us know how we can help make your surf fishing more successful.

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How to Select an Andrus Bucktail Saltwater Edge Tackle and Tactics

Saltwater Edge Tackle and Tactics: How to Select an Andrus Bucktail by Arden Gardell-Gross

Jetty Caster vs. Rip Splitter
One of the most confusing aspects when purchasing an Andrus bucktail jig is the nature of the difference between the two most popular jigs in the surfcasters arsenal the Jetty Caster and the Rip Splitter.

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Gear Review: How to Select a Saltwater Fishing Line

There was a time when anglers didn’t pay much attention to the saltwater fishing line on their reel. Mono was mono, then came fluorocarbon offering better abrasion resistance and low visibility, and then first generation braids hit the market and the selection expanded dramatically. Now with further innovation in braids and the materials used, anglers would be wise to revisit this vital tackle component.

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