You are standing there with a stick and a string believing you can fool mother nature with a combination of feathers, fur, flash and steel. Everyone knows (and tells you) there are any number of ways to fish saltwater more efficiently. Yet you search the water for clues, reading the flow, looking for life...nervous bait, a hovering bird, a tail, a flash or a swirl. Some people fly fish to connect with nature, some find peace in the challenge and manage to leave the world behind for a time and others are obsessed with fooling wild fish. We share your passion. Saltwater fly fishing has been part of our lives from a young age. From bonefish to bluefin we have the gear, passion and expertise to help you make the most of your time on the water.

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Saltwater Fly Fishing Knots You Need to Know

Tackle and Tactics: Saltwater Fly Fishing Knots You Need to KnowThere are the four saltwater fly fishing knots that we teach at the Orvis Saltwater Fly Fishing School. These knots are selected due to the ease of tying (even in low light) and usefulness in a variety of applications. With saltwater fly fishing knots there is a considerable opportunity to complicate things and we try to avoid that at the Orvis Saltwater Fly Fishing School For purposes of this discussion we will assume your tackle has been rigged and that there is a welded or whipped loop at the end of the fly line.

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G Loomis PRO4x Short Stix Fly Rod

PRO4x Short Stix Fly Rod

Immediate impression: “Wow. This is really different” Most saltwater fly rods are 9 feet and many 10 and 10.5. So how is the GLoomis Short Stix going to improve my fly fishing?

Here’s how:
Light in the hand – You can throw this rod all day long. It puts a smile on your face.
Loads quickly – You need to use a shorter stroke overall and the rod performs best with newer distance lines like the Airflo Sniper or Wulff Ambush lines. You need to keep your tip down to load the rod from the outset. After those adjustments it is dreamy.

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