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Tsunami Pro Surface Striker

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The Tsunami Pro Surface Striker is an impressive lure on first look. It is designed

to move and take a beating. First, off it is a hefty 4 oz with great graphics and feels very durable. Constructed of injection molded high density closed cell foam and through wired with quality hardware. There is no need to replace hooks or split rings.

You will notice there are two gasketed chambers in the belly. The lure comes with a key that lets you access them, but a dime will do. Inside each, you find two stainless steel shots that allow the angler to adjust how the Surface Striker sits in the water.

With the weights in place, the Surface Striker sits in the water at a slight angle. Jerks of the rod tip create a darting action with broad sweeps right to left and an ensuing glide. The Surface Striker has a very attractive action that is going to fool a lot of different species that want to smash a big bait. 

As a rule, big hollow spooks like the "Doc" are not very durable. The Pro Surface Striker being solid and much more durable than existing spooks designs. 

Weight - 4 oz

Length - 9"