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Saltwater Edge Albie Shootout 2023 Registration

Saltwater Edge Albie Shootout

September 1st to October 30th, 2023

It’s hardtail season again and the only way to make this momentous time of year more exciting is to spice it up with completion and some science!

The year's event will run in a catch-photo-release format and anglers will compete to win awesome prizes from Van Staal, Shimano, Daiwa, Hogy, Simms, TFO, FishSnax, and more.

Participants will have the option to provide anonymous catch data randomized to a 15-mile radius for fisheries managers so they can better understand the movements of false albacore.

There will be a Grand Prize Photo Award to the angler who best captures what makes albie fishing so awesome! The best photo gets a $100 Saltwater Edge Gift Card!

The entry fee is $35 per angler, available for purchase in-store or here on this product listing.

In the last few years, Saltwater Edge Albie Shootout has donated the proceeds to the American Saltwater Guides Association (ASGA) in an effort to support the science to ensure a sustainable future for our inshore gamefish. Last Fall ASGA kicked off the Albie Project the most comprehensive effort thus far to understand the movements and genetics of false albacore.

The tournament is open to anglers fishing the waters of New Jersey, New York, Connecticut, Rhode Island, and Massachusetts with the only qualifying requirement being that you sign up before you begin fishing (signups will remain open for the duration of the event) and that you hold a valid saltwater fishing license (or reciprocal equivalent) for the state or states in which you intend to fish.

Participating anglers should know ahead of time that their photos may be used in promotional material or blog posts on the Saltwater Edge website with proper attribution.

Albie season is saltwater fishing’s version of a double-shot of espresso; when you take on the challenges of competition, it’s like a Red Bull, spiked with espresso. Hang onto your hardtails ladies and gentlemen, this thing is about to get crazy!


2023 Albie Shootout Rules

1. The 2023 Albie Shootout is 100% catch, photo, and release. 
2. The prizes will be awarded in a lottery format. 
3. Anglers may enter up to three (3) albies for the duration of the tournament:
    -1 albie earns one entry
    -2 albies earn two entries
    -3 albies earn FIVE entries into the prize lottery. 
    -1 of either a bonito or Spanish mackerel earns one entry
    - Screenshot of any catch utilizing the GotOne app for one (and only one) additional         entry
4. To qualify, you must catch an albie, bonito, or Spanish mackerel and capture a photo showing you (your face) and your fish. 
5. All qualifying photos must include the tournament keyword which will be revealed the day before the Shootout begins. All anglers must find a way to display the keyword in their catch photos to qualify. We suggest you write in on your hand
6. There will be three lottery divisions, shore, boat, and fly--please make sure to declare your division before the start of the event. 
7. The 2023 Albie Shootout is open to anyone who fishes for false albacore from Cape May, New Jersey north
8. All submissions must be emailed to

Bonus Lottery Entry

This year in another remarkable advance anglers who choose to utilize the GotOne app can send a screenshot of their GotOne registration to receive an additional lottery entry. Using the GotOne app will log your catch and anonymize your data to a 15-mile data radius. Fisheries managers find this type of generalized data very useful in better understanding our inshore fisheries. You will be playing a critical role in advancing the understanding of false albacore through citizen science. 

Get out there! Get tight! And help fisheries managers better understand this great gamefish!!