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Saltwater Edge Albie Shootout 2022 Registration

Saltwater Edge Albie Shootout

September 1st to October 10th, 2022

Upon registration, anglers will receive an Angler ID number. Additionally, at the start of each tournament week, we will send out a new weekly letter that anglers must write on their hand (along with their unique Angler ID) before entering a fish. Anglers will then lay the fish out beside or on top of a measuring device with your hand (and Angler ID and weekly letter clearly visible), and snap a photo of the fish.The photos will then be submitted to Saltwater Edge via email Please declare how you caught your fish (fly/conventional and shore/vessel), the length of the catch, and your Angler ID. The anglers with the largest two-fish tallies in each division (spin and fly) will win prizes. Anglers are encouraged to share their catches on Instagram and tag @albieshooutout and @saltwaterguidesassociation –we will award weekly photo prizes.There will also be prizes for the largest overall albie, bonito, and Spanish mackerel.

2022 Albie Shootout Rules:

  1. All participating anglers must hold a valid saltwater fishing license (or reciprocal equivalent) for the state(s) in which they intend to fish.
  2. The Saltwater Edge 2022 Albie Shootout will be open to all anglers fishing the waters from Cape May, New Jersey north.
  3. There will be four divisions: shore-conventional, vessel-conventional, fly-shore, and fly-conventional. All participating anglers will be required to declare the means they caught the fish when they submit their catch.
  4. Each week, we (The Saltwater Edge staff) will send out a new weekly letter. Anglers will be required to write their Angler ID and the weekly letter on their hand and ensure that it can be read in any photo entered. Any photo not showing the angler ID and the weekly letter will be disqualified. For Example, 123456-A.

Entering Fish:

  1. BEFORE YOU BEGIN FISHING, lay out a place to record your fish, this will ensure that you can release them as quickly as possible. This place should be flat and easy to access. (develop a plan to safely and quickly measure, photograph, and release your catch.)
  2. You will need a MEASURING TAPE or RULER than reads in INCHES, a digital camera or phone (used at your own risk, the Saltwater Edge cannot be held responsible for lost or damaged electronics or fishing equipment for that matter!), and a permanent marker to write your Angler ID and the weekly-letter on your hand.
  3. Lay your fish on top of your ruler/measuring device, put your hand on or near the fish and snap a photo. Calculate the length of your catch in WHOLE INCHES, no halves or quarters from the nose to the fork. If your fish appears to be longer than the nearest whole inch, ROUND UP to the next one. For example, if your fish measures 26.75”, submit that fish as 27”.
  4. Email your catch submission to the same day you caught the fish. Please include the submission picture, your Angler ID, how you caught your fish (fly/conventional) and (shore/vessel), length of fish, and state where caught. We will populate the scoreboard as the tournament progresses.
  5. Ties will be broken by the score that includes the largest fish, if the scores are made up of two identical fish, then the tie will be broken by an angler who entered his/her fish earliest. If by some amazing feat of perfect timing, all three fish were entered at the exact same moment, the tie will come down to a coin flip.
  6. Prizes can be picked up in-store, or they will be shipped the week following the completion of the tournament.

Ways to win:

Win the shore division

Win the boat division

Win the fly-shore division

Win the fly-boat division

Catch the largest albie

Catch the largest bonito

Catch the largest Spanish Mackerel

Weekly Photo Contest = random selection from images tagged with @albieshootout and @saltwaterguidesassociation

Grand Photo Prize = Show us what makes albie fishing so awesome! The best photo gets $100 Saltwater Edge Gift Card!