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RIO InTouch Striper 30ft Sink Tip Flylines

Line Weight
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RIO's InTouch Striper Sink Tip Flyline is an easy to cast, fast-sink fly line. Its super low stretch 30# test ConnectCore will keep you in touch no matter how deep you hook up. This is a supple, tangle-free line built for the cool to cold condtions you'll usually encounter stripers in. Welded loops simplify rigging and increase the strength of your connections.

The lines are sold in "grain" weights, and we recommend the following conversion to appropriate rod sizes:
250gr = 7wt
300gr = 8wt
350gr = 9wt
400gr = 10wt
450gr = 11wt
Rio InTouch Striper 30ft Sink Tip
 Line Size Sink Rate (Inches per Second) Line Color
250 grain 1.5 / 6.5 IPS Black/Grey
300 grain 1.5 / 7.2 IPS Black/Salmon
350 grain 1.5 / 8.2 IPS Black/Blue
400 grain 1.5 / 8.5 IPS Black/Yellow
450 grain 1.5 / 9.0 IPS Black/Tan