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Owner Aki Hooks - 1/0 - 6 Per Pack

With a heavy duty forged shank and ultra sharp point this hook performs well as both a saltwater bait hook and a fly hook for blue water game fish. Features a straight eye for more efficient hook sets. Black chrome finish. This hook is a shop favorite for hardtail flies.

We use this hook for replacing the lightweight treble hooks that come on the small metal lures we toss at False Albacore, Bonito, Ship Jack, or even small Bluefin Tuna. The hooks that they come with are not designed for this style of fishing but these hooks sure pick up the slack for sure!

Sizes 1/0 and 2/0: 6 Hooks Per Pack
Sizes 3/0 and 4/0: 5 Hooks Per Pack
Sizes 5/0: 4 Hooks Per Pack