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Orvis Hydros SL IV Reel


Featuring a solid product spec, thoughtful design, and a keen attention to detail Orvis has produced a very nice product at an amazing price point. The Hydros SL Fly Reel scores on the three most important things we look for in a saltwater fly reel. First, a sealed drag prevents intrusion of water, salt, or sand. When these substances get on a drag surface the results range from seizure to free spool. Not good. Second, a low start up inertia allows you to use lighter tippets as you don't have to account for a high force required to get the spool to start turning. The lower the better and the Hydros SL has negligible start up, the lowest of any reels in its price range. Lastly, a powerful drag for when you need it. Albies and bonefish will challenge a drag system and the 14 pounds put out by the Hydros SL drag stack is the best in its class. There are other benefits to the the Hydos SL such as the large arbor spool. This increases the rate of retrieve, something you'll notice when an albie turns and burns back toward the boat. The Hydros SL is a reel that will perform above your expectations for reels costing a good deal more. Nice job Orvis!