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Retail is open! Web open 24/7, orders before 3pm ship same day.

Ocean Born Flying Pencils

Lure Model
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The shape of the Ocean Born Flying Pencil is typical of other pencil poppers, but that is where the experience and creativity of master plug builder Patrick Sebile come in to play. The castability and action of the Ocean Born Flying Pencil are exceptional. The side wings enhance the aerodynamics and serve to give the lure lift once it is in the water. The low air friction ribs reduce air resistance and improve water turbulence. That means the Flying Pencil casts farther and moves more enticingly than any other bait of its kind.

It comes in Floating, Sinking. and Super Long Distance (SLD) models. These lures are incredibly versatile and easy to master. Utilizing the range of models and varying the retrieve speed or cadence, you can have the Flying Pencil popping, spitting, walking the dog, skipping along the surface or slow swimming underneath.

Floating and Sinking models come with 4X treble hooks; the SLD model comes with 6X treble hooks.

 Lure Model Weight Length
Floating 2.5 oz 6 1/3 inches
Sinking 3 oz 6 1/3 inches
Super Long Distance 4.5 oz 6 1/3 inches