The most minor componets can make big differences on the water.

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Hog Island Lures Rocket Casting Egg

With an extra-strong thru-wire construction, the wooden Hog Island Lures Rocket Casting Egg is an excellent addition to the plug bag for when small forage is around and you need additional casting distance.edc hy

The Hog Island Rocket Casting Egg is 3.75" long and weighs 1.5 -1.6oz 

When the bass are on a specific bait like sand eels, anchovies, or cinder worms, it can be extremely difficult to catch them on anything much bigger. The casting egg solves that problem by delivering small teasers and flies long distances.

We are often asked, "What is the screw for?" Use it if your rig is tumbling through the air when you cast. If it is there's a good chance it will be tangled on the retrieve. Put the fly or jig on the screw to mitigate the tumbling. Before you do that consider shortening or stiffening the leader.