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Grundens Deck Boss Boot


New from Grundens, the Deck-Boss 15-inch Waterproof Boot displays an updated design that sets the new standard for what a fishing boot should be.

The Deck-Boss Boot is jaw droppingly comfortable; with a high performance fit, superior traction, and durability that will impress any fisherman. The Patented “Herkules Grip™” compression molded rubber outsole is certified SRC Slip Resistance (the most stringent level of slip resistance certification); providing unparalleled traction on wet deck surfaces.

The flexible upper folds down when you don't need the full 15-inch height, and a 1-inch groove holds a durable silicone band that keeps pants out of the muck and your legs dry.

The boot's upper material is designed not to crack or age and a flexible but protective toe cap gives you confidence to work the deck.