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Fly Fishing Boston

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Terry Tessein is a veteran of a lifetime of fishing the Atlantic coastline, with 40 years of that in New England. Now he shares those years of experience in the first detailed guidebook to the multitude of fly-fishing possibilities that lie within easy reach of downtown Boston. From the shores of Rhode Island to the coastline of southern Maine, Tessein guides saltwater anglers on where to go, when to go to find particular species, and what flies and tactics to use at each venue. Tessein explains important coastal fishing information such as tides and how they affect the movement of fish. Fly Fishing Boston is detailed enough to provide even regional fly patterns unique to specific zones. Anglers will want to read this book in the off-season in preperation for future trips as well as packing in the tackle bag before heading out for a day of fishing.Author: Terry Tessein Pages: 261 Cover: Softcover