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Retail is open! Web open 24/7, orders before 3pm ship same day.

Fish Skull Faux Bucktail

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With the same approximate diameter, light crinkle, and even the taper of "real" bucktail this is going to be the perfect material for fly patterns and jigs. It also behaves when tied in a lot like bucktail, and also moves a lot like bucktail in the water.

Every Faux Bucktail hair measures in at 6 inches in length - which is a VERY rare length in real bucktail. We used to measure and comb all the tails we sold, possibly 10's of thousands, and 6" hair is quite rare. Maybe 1 in 500 or so has consistent hair like that.

** As a fly shop who has sold a LOT of quality bucktail to discriminating fly tyers over the years we should point out this isn't EXACTLY bucktail - but it is awfully close. It should also be noted if you like extremes - REALLY crinkly or super fine - this tends to run right down the middle and you might not find quite what you're looking for. Also, the "red" is very orange - the image is accurate.