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Daiwa Salt Pro Bullet Minnows

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Lure Model and Weight

The Daiwa Salt Pro Minnow Bullet is a new lure from Daiwa specifically designed for striper bass fishing in the North East. The SP Bullet evolved from the SP Minnow, a super popular epic fish catching lure.

The SP Bullet is a slender 6" lure just like the SP Minnow but the SP Bullet does not have a traditional lip. The SP Bullet is basically a needlefish with a little hint of darter in the nose. This brand new design from Daiwa sinks level and has a tight "S" style swimming action. They are rigged right and ready to fish with a heavy 1.4mm through wire construction and 2/0 VMC Hooks.

Daiwa gave the SP Bullet the same internal long cast weight system that gives the SP Minnow its phenomenal casting ability. Even in windy conditions, the SP Bullet will live up to its name casting like a bullet!