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Web open 24/7, orders before 3pm ship same day. Retail has moved!

Daho Hollow Spectra Threading Needles

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"The new DaHo Threading Needles are shown above. As you can see, they have been sized by their length so if a customer has more than one of them, they can stand them on their open end and find the one they want by its length, compared to all the other threading needles. Our smallest threading needle, the 10 to 20# size, has a length of 5.3". Each larger threading needle is .1" longer than the last, with our largest 400 to 500# size being 6.5" in length.During our year of gathering requested features for our new needles, having some way to identify the threading needles was one that was requested many times. Due to their size and materials, the length was the only way to address this request.

The DaHo Hollow Spectra Threading Needles are hollow inside, except for the point, so monofilament or fluorocarbon line can be inserted into the needle. Then, the needle with the internal mono/fluoro line, is inserted, or threaded, into the hollow center section of the spectra braid. The needle, and attached mono/fluoro line, is typically inserted inside of the spectra from 3 to 5 feet to provide the best strength of the join. Because of the slick surface of the mono/fluoro line, the end point of the spectra must be finished to secure it to the mono/fluoro line. This finishing is usually done by gluing, serving, crimping, or some combination of these attachments, to the spectra line end. This ensures the join will not slip before the compression pressure occurs to in the braid of the hollow spectra line to hold the joined lines together.

The primary size of the threading needle is the ID, or Internal Diameter, indicating the approximate size of the mono/fluoro line that it will fit inside. The threading needle size you need is determined by the size of the mono/fluoro line you are using. The ID sizes of our threading needles can vary up to .002" due to the SS Hypodermic tube manufacturing process. This is the standard acceptable size variance of the SS tubes we use to make our needles. As we receive new shipments of needles, the IDs may change up to this .002" size. It is recommended that you select a needle that is at least .002" larger than your line for ease of use. It can also be difficult to fit an exact size of line into a needle. If you have a problem with your line not fitting into one of our needles, please send us an email and we will analyze and resolve the problem.

In Threading needles, we typically use thinner walled tubing to manufacture the needle. This is so the overall size of the needle will remain as small as possible, while offering the largest interior size to hold the monofilament or fluorocarbon line you are using. Thinner is definitely better in this case, and our needles are the thinnest available."