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Bass Class with D.J. Muller

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The Saltwater Edge is happy to welcome DJ Muller on Sunday, April 7th to present “Bass Class 2019” from 9-4. As a greenhorn or aspiring surfcaster, you won’t want to miss this information infusion!

This comprehensive class is targeted towards all surfcasters, which want to build or fortify, a strong foundation for their future in surfcasting. The history, the science, the correct equipment choices, making good decisions on where to fish, reading water, how to plan a productive session or trip, understanding the plethora of artificials and how they work in various situations, we will demonstrate plug modifying, and lots more.

BASS CLASS 2019 ~New England Edition~

• The History of Surfcasting including the early bass clubs, plug evolution, early trend-setters and more.

• The makeup of the striped bass, the science, anatomy, migration and spawning, mortality and favored terrain.

• It will cover all tackle and equipment including wetsuits, dry tops, and footwear

• It will review the main bass catching techniques, including eels, chunking, clam/worm fishing, snag and drop and artificials.

• The discussion of artificials will touch on every type of artificial, and how to use it, and where and when to use it. Including a demonstration of how to modify various lures to make them even more effective.

• How to approach your surfcasting, covering the physical and mental aspects from hydration and physical conditioning to preparing for an upcoming hard, physical run of fishing.

• We will cover the mental aspects of collecting information before you fish, developing strategies, understanding what is in front of you, and tying in your experience. Tips for keeping a journal.

• The ‘striper variables’ will be discussed in detail. Learn the variables that an expert factors in before he fishes.

• Learn how to use the migration periods to increase your productivity, how summer patterns can produce.

• Learn how moon phases, wind and tides impact fishing.

• Understanding the herring runs, the menhaden, mackerel, and squid patterns and movements.

We said Bass Class 2019 would be comprehensive!! Plus all attendees will get a notebook loaded with info and outlines and more surprises.