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Retail open! Web open 24/7, orders before 3pm ship same day.

Alan's Custom Lures Pencil Poppers

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The Alan's Custom Lures Pencil Poppers, just like his other lures, are a full resin design that is through wired from front to rear.  This allows his lures to be extremely durable and withstand any toothy predator out there or any accidental cast into the rocks.   

The pencil design itself is a two part process, with a lighter resin being utilized from the front of the bait to the middle hook hanger and a heavier resin being utilized from the middle hook hanger to the rear.  The heavier resin in the rear allows the bait to cast truly like a bullet and glide better with less weight in the front.

For the six inch pencil, it comes in the same body but two different weights.  The 6" 1.35oz floater is a true floating pencil which can be paused on the retrieve.  The 6" 2.35oz pencil is the sinking version, which will sink when paused.  This design allows for a further cast but to keep it on surface it requires a faster retrieve.  Whats nice with this design is that if a fish strikes and missed, you can pause it and let it sink, allowing the fish to get another good look at it in the water column.  The seven inch 3oz pencil does float, however the body partially sinks at an angle allowing the bait to plane and get moving faster.  Its more bulbous nose throws a lot of water.         

Note:  Given that each lure is hand built, weights and colors may vary slightly compared to those pictured.  

6" - 1.35oz- Floater

6" - 2.35oz - Sink

7" - 3oz - Mid Float (sinks at an angle from middle hook hanger to rear)