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Boga Grip - 30lb


The 30lb Boga Grip is a standard world wide for boat and surf fishermen and often becomes one of the favorite tools of everyone who ever owns one.

While you may occasionally (hopefully) max out the 30lb Boga, it's real strength is it's compact design for maximum portability and ability to safely handle fish in landing scenarios.

Surfcasters have no trouble at all having this model hanging from their belt.

Check out some of the features and it's easy to see why:

Simple, intuitive design - A safe and effective way to handle all types of fish. Keeps you in control for a quick snap shot, weight check and release.

All Stainless Steel Construction - Provides YEARS of use under the most extreme conditions without corroding. Basically buy it once, and as long as you don't lose it you'll have it for a lifetime.

Plastic parts made of black Acetal (High performance thermoplastic) - No worries about failure or fading with this extremely durable, UV light and saltwater resistant material.

Easy to read scale - Get a quick and accurate read on a fish's weight (Your Boga Grip can even be sent to IGFA for certification)

Well Designed Locking Mechanism - Get a firm, confident hold on the fish

Foam Handle - Keeps hands dry and warm in colder weather. Provides a no-slip hold on the fish.

Lifetime Guarantee - Feel fully confident that if anything goes wrong with your Boga, at any time, you're covered.