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The Crew at the SWE

Gear, Passion, and Expertise from bonefish to bluefin

The Saltwater Edge was established in 1992 to share our passion for saltwater fishing.

We have moved and expanded a number of times since the early days on Thames St in Newport, RI. We are now located at 1315 West Main Road in Middletown, RI.

Who are the people of The Saltwater Edge?

Peter Jenkins (Owner) 

– Basically the guy who makes it all possible. You’re likely to find Peter fishing dry flies on The Blackstone or casting Ray’s Flies to stripers. “Jenks” (as he is known to his friends) was a lacrosse BEAST in his day. Member of the Washington College Hall of Fame.

Michael Hachey

-Probably one of the more multi-disciplined anglers in the shop, routinely targeting most, if not all predatory fish species we see here in the Northeast in both fresh and saltwater from Rhode Island to Maine.  While mainly devoted to the kayak and the surf, don't be surprised to see him the boat, paddleboard, or whatever else floats, especially here in RI.  While Fluke and Albies are generally his top three species devoted to during their respective seasons, nothing tops smallmouth in Maine.

Pete Graeber 

– The “other” Peter. Pete’s the guy who keeps everything moving here at The Edge handling web development, marketing, purchasing, and more.  You’ll find Pete both on shoreline and sea chasing striped bass, albies, and tuna with all manner of fishing gear but don’t be surprised to find him wielding the long rod with a prowess rivaled only by the manner in which he “cracks the whip” around the SWE.

Captain Christian Awe - coming soon

Chad Ketch

- Yes, his last name is really "Ketch". He prefers his fish striped or white chinned, and prefers to be on the rocks while fishing for both. In addition to surfcasting, he  enjoys bottom fishing and kayak fishing.

Paul - coming soon

Joe - coming soon

Ben - coming soon

Mike “Iron Man” Everin 

– Legendary surfcaster, wrestler, parent of 3 really intense kids, and the most generous fisherman we have ever met.

The Saltwater Edge “Extended” Family

A lot of characters have come through the SWE over the years and contributed to what the business has been and has become. This isn't even a comprehensive list:

Scott Wilson 

– Scott has been working at The Saltwater Edge since early 2011 and is a devoted shore and paddle board angler who rarely leaves Aquidneck Island, to pursue fish.  A native of the Newport area, he spends the summer months casting from the local shoreline with his friends, children and also guides visitors who want to partake in the abundant fishing opportunities that our island provides.

You can learn more about Scott or book a charter at Fish Whispering RI

Alex Bewley 

– Passionate…flyfisherman, surfcaster, photographer.

Liz Ferreira 

– LIz helped hold down the fort on Saturdays. We need her organization and quick smile to keep the place together. She loves to throw a fly in fresh or saltwater.

Dannielle Chobot

 – Dannielle was DEFINITELY the shop mother around here, and quite literally Chris Chobot’s mother. She  ushered in an era of organization and on-time payment here-to-fore unheard of at The Edge. Dannielle balances the books and keeps us in our vendor’s good graces. She enjoys tea and reading about the history of England, Aquidneck Island, and The Chesterton Windmill.

Chris Chobot 

– You might find Chris upstairs at The Edge (or at home at all hours) working on the website. But he’d rather you found him out fishing in his farmer grizzly wetsuit or battling schoolies on his 2-weight. Chris’ favorite food is Nachos… 

Captain Corey Pietraszek 

– Capt. Corey is the hardest working person we know. In season he’s out on the water, guiding his clients to that fish of a lifetime. Corey maintains a photo gallery, blog and email newsletter on his A highly accomplished angler in his own rite, you may find Corey casting to bonefish, bass, blues or battling bluefin tuna on the fly. His vision and angling instinct is the stuff of legend, as is the pumpkin hat he’s wearing in the picture.

Steve Cook 

– Steve is an accomplished fresh and saltwater angler and an outstanding tackle tech who has brought many reels back from the brink.

Lifelong fishermen and fly-tying wizard, you can find his many patterns on our website and in the bins at our retail store.

Steve’s a true jack-of-all-trades and he once even dated Dolly Parton.

Earl Evans

– Hard to say if Earl is a better fisherman or fishing photographer. He has some stunning accomplishments in both realms. There are many national and regional magazine placements to his credit. When he puts down the camera and picks up the rod he finds the fish in both fresh and saltwater. Selling cars; but wishin’ he was fishin’ Paramount Auto Group

Arden Gardell

– Arden is our ‘foodie” from Manhattan by way of Montauk were he grew up in a wetsuit with surf rod in hand. Arden will chase anything with fins; but is partial to striped bass, fluke and yellow fin. If you are ever looking for a restaurant recommendation this is the guy to ask. If you are ever in Montauk looking for a restaurant why not go to Arden’s place, The Gig Shack.

Mike Morocco

 – Mike is a bit of a mystery, but here’s what we know: Mike has a deep appreciation for “quality” in all it’s forms – whether it’s a custom wooden plug or classic surf bags, oysters at Matunuck Oyster Bar, a Four Seas ice cream cone, or a Pour Judgement burger & beer. Mike did a lot of the little things that earn us a high customer satisfaction rating.

Rudy Babikian

 – Rudy is the latest in a LONG line of local college kids who have chosen to mis-spend their summer vacation and youth working at The Edge. You may recognize him from such classic YouTube videos as “Rigging an Eel” and “Manley Men”. Rudy hails from Portland, ME. He’s an accomplished and adventurous angler. 

Captain Ryan Gluek 

– Ryan has guided from Chile to Alaska and has now moved back to his home waters to pursue his original passion for chasing everything from stripers to tuna on light tackle and fly rods. Check out Double Haul Anglers here.

Tommy Pelto

– Tommy is a hardcore surfcaster. Found regularly from the Canal to the Breachways. Hops on a boat with his Dad for fluke and black sea bass. Going to forget more about custom plugs than most of us will ever know.

Dylan Schmitz

 –  Dylan got his first pay check from the Saltwater Edge when he was 16 and we were in our second location on Thames St. I remember there was no real work space inside so he sat on the stoop out back and counted split rings in the blazing sun. Recently, he launched a project that has been his vision for some time.

Captain Rob Taylor

– Flat out “Big Fish Whisperer” skilled at many types of fishing in both fresh and saltwater. Don’t know anyone else who so consistently gets more “dude that’s a big "insert species here” comments on his Facebook. Check out his charter business Newport Sportfishing.

Captain Chris Aubut

– After a successful guide career in Westport, MA and Key West, Florida Chris has shifted his attention to rod building and being an awesome Dad. Check out Aubut Rods here.


Captain Dave Sanderson – A native Rhode Islander now living in Florida where he seems to have got the Biscayne Bay flats fishing figured out.


Tim Shields – Steve McKenna – Craig Appleman – Daphne Forster – Ray Antaya – Josh Harmsen