Regardless if it is a sportfisher, a center console or a fishing kayak there is a palpable sense of anticipation the boat fisherman feels as they come upon and first lay eyes on a prime piece of water. It could be the speed of the current, the amount of whitewater, the temperature break or a lit up fish finder; in any event this place feels fishy. The Saltwater Edge is here to help you find the saltwater fishing tackle that is right for you. Your fishing, your water, your budget.

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Atlantic Bonito Tackle and Tactics

Saltwater Edge Tackle and Tactics: Atlantic Bonito

Atlantic Bonito are typically the first of the “ocean speedsters” to arrive in the waters of Southern New England. Usually arriving somewhere between mid-July and mid-August, the fast and tasty bones offer an exciting change of pace to the striped bass fishing that consumed the first half of the season. They are a great gamefish on both light spin and fly gear.

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MAK Angler Boat Bag: Saltwater Edge Gear Review

Saltwater Edge Gear Review: MAK Angler Boat Bag

MAK Angler Boat bags like surf bags are a very personnel item. Using a bag that doesn’t meet your basic needs can be a frustrating experience. Fortunately the surfcaster has many choices in size, material, configuration and the bulk of surf bags available meet at least a few of the key design criteria

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