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Van Staal Spinning Reels

Van Staal Spinning Reels are the reference point for all other surf fishing reels.

Waterproof design, extreme durability, and built to shrug off abuse that can often disable other reels.

They're not just for the surf though, tackling some of the biggest fish in the sea worldwide. Bluefin tuna off Cape Cod, grand trevally, tarpon, and more from both the boat and shore.

They may be beautiful reels, and the first scratch always hurts, but they're built and intended to tolerate hard fishing environments and outlast more delicate reels.

Some older Van Staals, well over 20 years old, are still in regular service.

  • Van Staal VR Spinning Reel
    from $489.00

    Van Staal VR Series Spinning Reels

    3 reviews

    Van Staal VR Spinning Reels are the latest innovation from Van Staal, the leader in sealed reels. The VR-Series is fully sealed and fully submersi...

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  • Van Staal X-Series Spinning Reels
    from $719.00

    Van Staal X-Series Spinning Reels

    8 reviews

    The Van Staal X-Series Spinning Reel improves on the original well loved and respected Van Staal spinning reel by re-engineering what some consider...

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  • VR50 Van Staal VR Spare Spools
    from $136.08

    Van Staal VR Spare Spools

    Modern reels such as the Van Staal VR are stronger and lighter than ever before. A spare spool for your Van Staal VR can increase the versatility o...

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  • Van Staal Bailed X-Series Spinning Reel
    Sold out
    from $839.00

    Van Staal Bailed X-Series Spinning Reels

    Van Staal has earned it's "No Limitations" reputation due it's outstanding performance over time in harsh surf conditions. The new bailed Van Staal...

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