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Alan's Custom Lures Mini Dart


Alan's Custom Lures Mini Dart is the baby brother version of his Dart, which is well known for producing quality fish.  Like his other baits, each is made out of solid resin, through wired, and hand painted.  The Mini Dart's are outfitted with a 2/0 VMC 9626PS 4x treble in the belly as well as a VMC inline in the rear.  With a bait of this size and action, it is the perfect imitator of large peanuts, mullet, tinker macks, butterfish, herring, and many other baitfish that make up the food source of stripers and other predatory gamefish we see in the Northeast.  

From start to finish each bait is made in Rhode Island!

  • 4.75" and approx. 1.9oz