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Saltwater Edge Albie Shootout 2020

Saltwater Edge Albie Shootout 2020


Runs from Friday, September 11th to Saturday, October 3rd

We have a few years of running this event under our belt now and we’ve come to realize that a weekend really isn’t enough time to run a tournament that centers around a very mobile species that is heavily affected by weather. So we’ve decided to change the format for 2020 and stretch the ‘season’ out to three weeks. We’ve also decided to make it a cumulative score of three albies instead of just one. 

So here’s how it works, you will need to sign up and pay your $20 entry fee before you can enter a fish, 100% of the proceeds will be donated to the American Saltwater Guides Association. At the start of each tournament week, we will send out a new keyword that anglers will have to write on their hand before entering a fish. Anglers will then lay the fish out beside a tape measure, showing the keyword on your hand, and snap a photo of the fish. The photos will then be submitted to SWE (via email or website?) and posted to the tournament Instagram account. The angler with the largest three-fish tallies in each division (shore, kayak and boat) will win prizes. There will also be prizes for the largest overall albie, bonito and Spanish mackerel. 

2020 Albie Shootout Registration

2020 Albie Shootout Rules:

  1. All participating anglers must hold a valid saltwater fishing license (or reciprocal equivalent) for the state(s) in which they intend to fish. 
  2. The Saltwater Edge 2020 Albie Shootout will be open to all anglers fishing the waters from New Jersey through Massachusetts. 
  3. There will be three divisions: shore, boat and kayak and all participating anglers will be required to declare a category. Anglers fishing in the BOAT and KAYAK divisions may enter fish caught from shore as part of their tally, but those that select the SHORE division must catch all of their fish from the shoreline or something attached to the Earth like a rock, jetty, dock, pier, etc. 
  4. At the start of each Friday morning we (The Saltwater Edge staff) will send out a new keyword. Anglers will be required to write the keyword on their hand and ensure that the keyword can be read in any photo entered. Any photo not showing the keyword will be disqualified. 

Entering Fish:

  1. BEFORE YOU BEGIN FISHING, lay out a place to record your fish this will ensure that you can release them as quickly as possible. This place should be flat and easy to access. 
  2. You will need a MEASURING TAPE or RULER than reads out in INCHES, you will need a digital camera or phone (used at your own risk, the Saltwater Edge cannot be held responsible for lost or damaged electronics) and a Sharpie marker to write the keyword on your hand. 
  3. Lay your ruler/tape out next to your fish, put your hand on or near the fish and snap a photo. Using the image, calculate the length of your catch in WHOLE INCHES, no halves or quarters. If your fish appears to be longer than the nearest whole inch, ROUND UP to the next one. 
  4. After taking the shot that records the length, you will be required to shoot a selfie or ‘grab and grin’ photo to show your face with the fish.  When done correctly this process should take less than a minute. 
  5. Email your photos to and we will populate the scoreboard as the tournament progresses.
  6. Ties will be broken by the score that includes the largest fish, if the scores are made up of three identical fish then the tie will be broken by angler who entered his/her fish earliest. If by some amazing feat of perfect timing, all three fish were entered at the exact same moment, the tie will come down to a coin flip. 
  7. Prizes can be picked up in-store or they will be shipped the week following the completion of the tournament. 

Ways to win:

Win the Kayak Division

Win the Shore Division

Win the Boat Division

Win the Fly Division

Catch the Largest Albie

Catch the Largest Bonito

Catch the Largest Spanish Mackerel

Tight lines!

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Peter - September 17, 2020


The earlier post didn’t have a link to sign up. My bad. Here it is.

Tight lines!


John Potter - September 17, 2020

How do you enter the shoot out

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