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2020 Inshore Anglers Gift Guide

2020 Inshore Anglers Gift Guide


Whether you are an inshore angler yourself or shopping for one this holiday season, the 2020 Inshore Anglers Gift Guide provides for a selection of the newest products as well as some all time favorites.  From the gear you wear, equipment you use, or the lures & tackle needed to catch the big one, this guide provides a small snippet into the products we offer.  

If its hard to decide or you want to give the angler in your life options, a SWE gift certificate is always a perfect fit.

Stocking Stuffers: Under $35

Backwater Custom Baits Poison Tail Jigs. - One of the most popular fluke teasers in the North East, equipped with a 2X Strong Mustad Sickle Hook and premium wire tied skirt.  Use this with a Berkley Gulp Grub or other soft plastic on a popcorn/chicken rig, and you will be rigged up for doormat season to come!

Ronz Soft Bait Replacement Tails  - Known throughout the world for their realistic action, performance, and profile, RonZ's are suited to catch everything from stripers, weakfish, albies and even large bluefin tuna.  There are very few baits that have the status RonZ has due to their versatility.  

Owner Zo-Wire Inline Single Replacement Hooks 3X Strong   - For all your hardbaits, whether it be anything from small baits like Rebel Jumpin Minnows or Daiwa SP Minnows and all the way up to the 9" Doc, these hooks are one of the most popular in the shop.  Inline singles make for easier catch and release for both the angler and the fish, and have become very popular with local charter fisherman due to this.  Available in standard and pro packs!

The Fish Grip - A quick and simple use tool, perfect for dealing with toothy fish like Bluefish or assist younger anglers.

New for 2020

Penn Battle III DX Spinning Reels - The new Penn Battle III Spinning Reel were on fire this year with its redesign, and the new version is built tough and ready to go for your light tackle inshore fish.  The DX version adds some additional features over the original Battle III, with a brass pinion/main gear, additional bearing underneath the spool, and lightweight EVA foam knob. Penn nailed it with this reel!

Shimano Coltsniper Walk Hi-Pitch Lures -New sizes for this year, the Coltsniper Walk Baits in the 95F & 130F are a dynamite distance topwater spook styled bait, rigged with great hooks straight out of the package.

Best Sellers

Albie Snax - By far the most requested soft plastics come hardtail season, great for imitating peanuts, mullet, and other larger profiled baitfish but often works when they are just chewing.  Don't underestimate this bait for other species such as stripers, weakfish and others.  A limited edition lite pink is also new for this year!

Stormr Strykr Neoprene Jackets - The Strykr Jacket from Stormr is a versatile option for the inshore, kayak, boat, or surf angler, but also works well for mariners and winter wear as well.  Neoprene provides for great warmth and durability, but also allows for greater motion when casting.

Yo-Zuri Mag Darter -Come spring, the 5/8oz & 1oz Mag Darters are a great smaller profiled swimmer perfect for schoolies and the bigger bass once the reach our local area.   

The Wow Factor: $450 and up...

Van Staal VR Spinning Reels - The VR50 is the best sealed light tackle reel on the market, perfect for the angler who doesn't want to think of sand, salt or other elements affecting the performance of their reel and instead think of the task on hand, the fish!

At the Saltwater Edge you can shop with confidence. Know that we will ship your order the same day and that returns are not a problem. 

Happy Holidays to you and yours!

The Saltwater Edge

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