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MAK Angler Boat Bag: Saltwater Edge Gear Review

Saltwater Edge Gear Review: MAK Angler Boat Bag


MAK Angler Boat Bag

Boat bags like surf bags are a very personnel item. Using a bag that doesn't meet your basic needs can be a frustrating experience. Fortunately the surfcaster has many choices in size, material, configuration and the bulk of surf bags available meet at least a few of the key design criteria. This is not the case with boat bags; especially for saltwaster anglers. There are a couple of critical features that any good boat bag must have. Certainly, keeping your tackle and rigging supplies organized and easy to access; while at the same time secure and dry would top the list. Inshore light tackle and fly fisherman would likely have differing opinions on how to organize their bag; but would agree that a bag offering the benefits listed above would meet their needs.

Captain Corey Pietraszek of Plug and Play Charters has for years been on a "one and done" pace with boat bags. By October "this years" boat bag has busted zippers, stiching thats giving way and material surprisingly stressed after just one season. Thankfully, the guys at MAK Angler have applied thier expertise in design, materials and workmanship to the boat bag. The result is a durable, dry and secure bag that offers the inshore angler a variety of way to organize the storage. Captain Corey has three years worth of milage of his bag and it looks damn good!

MAK Angler boat bag Three years of nearly daily charters. Bag looks great!
MAK Angler Boat Bag Nearly 40 lbs of gear in Captain Corey's bag
MAK Angler Boat Bag Your valuable tackle will be dry and secure!



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